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Your Beads: Inspired by the Milky Way, this month’s high-value collection includes an array of beautiful gemstone beads each inspired by a different planet! Create your own solar system jewelry, or combine the rich beauty of natural gemstones any way you desire. A high-quality set of golden findings in celestial themes completes the collection.
A Note About Saturn: The gold bead frames are meant to tightly fit the tigerskin jasper beads in order to represent Saturn’s rings. As these gemstones vary slightly in exact size, some beads on the strand may not quite fit in the frames, while others should fit perfectly.

1. 4pc 13x17.5mm 24k Gold-Plated Brass Sun Links ($3.99)
2. 7” 6mm Larvikite Labradorite Round Beads (Mercury) ($3.99)
3. 7” 8mm Top-Quality Crackle Glass Beads, Amber (Venus) ($3.99)
4. 8mm Lapis & Chrysocolla (Dyed) Round Beads (Earth) ($7.99)
5. 7” 8mm Carnelian (Dyed/Headted) Round Beads (Mars) ($4.99)
6. 7” 10mm Striped Agate (Dyed/Heated) Beads (Jupiter) ($8.99)
7. 7” 8mm Tigerskin Jasper Round Beads (Saturn) ($3.99)
8. 6pc 10mm 24k Gold-Plated Brass Bead Frame (Saturn’s Rings) ($4.99)
9. 7” 8mm Aqua Quartz (Dyed) Round Beads (Uranus) ($4.99)
10. 7” 8mm Sodalite Round Beads (Neptune) ($7.99)
11. 15” 3mm Labradorite OR Moonstone Faceted Bead (Moon/Pluto) ($7.99)*
12. 7” 4mm Lava Stone (Plated) Beads (Asteroid Belt) ($3.99)
13. 15” 6mm Blue Goldstone Round Beads (Outer Space) (6.99)
14. Sodalite & Brass Pendant ($5.99)
15. 30x27mm 18k Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Galaxy Pendant ($3.99)
16. 12pc 24k Gold-Plated Brass Star Link Charm Mix ($3.99)
17. 2pc Brass Magnetic Clasps w/Stainless Steel Charms ($3.99)
18. 50pc 4mm Spacer Beads (Lead Free, Cadmium Free) ($1.99)
19. 13” 4mm Crystal Faceted Bicone Beads in Metallic Blue Iris ($3.99)
20. 1 Meter 3.5x2.5mm Stainless Steel Knurled Oval Chain ($5.99)

All stainless steel products are surgical-grade and hypoallergenic.

(MSRP in parentheses) *All strands were accidentally marked labradorite. If your #11 beads are gray, they’re labradorite; if they’re white, they’re moonstone. So sorry for any confusion!

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