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One of humanity’s oldest and most mysterious symbols, spirals appear in ancient cultures across the globe. They are believed to represent femininity, growth, the cycle of life, the journey of the sun across the sky, and the path of the soul. We’ve paired this enigmatic motif with carnelian and Dzi agate, gemstones that have been featured in jewelry for thousands of years. Rounding out your collection are earth-toned treasures, sparkling crystals, and a variety of copper findings.

This collection contains the following 21 items:

1.    16” strand 4mm crystal bicone beads, magma AB
2.    16” strand 4x3mm crystal rondelle beads, sea green shimmer
3.    1 meter 5.5x3.5mm steel figaro jewelry chain
4.    46mm spiral pendant (NF)*
5.    5pc 10mm half-matte crystal chevron round beads, magma AB
6.    10pc 15mm brass French hook earwires (NF)
7.    7.5” strand 6mm fiber optic glass cat’s eye beads, light peach
8.    2pc 21x13mm spiral chandelier links (NF)*
9.    8” strand 6mm crystal faceted pear beads, champagne shimmer
10.   7pc 18x13.5mm spiral link/drops (LF, CF)*
11.   10pc 12x8mm spiral drops (LF, NF, CF)*
12.   7pc 11.5mm spiral beads (LF, NF, CF)*
13.   2pc 23x34mm half-spiral drop pendants (LF, NF, CF)*
14.   3 sets 17x22mm swirl-patterned toggle clasps (LF, NF)*
15.   Approx. 30mm carnelian teardrop pendant (dyed/heated)
16.   15” strand 6x4mm faux turquoise rondelle beads (man-made)
17.   5pc strand 10mm Dzi-style agate round beads (dyed/heated)
18.   10pc 12mm handmade porcelain round beads, red-orange shimmer
19.   1pc approx. 30mm Dzi-style agate barrel bead focal (dyed/heated)
20.   15” strand 8mm carnelian round beads (dyed/heated)
21.   30pc 8mm 5-petal swirled bead cap (LF, NF, CF)*

*made of a pewter alloy with antique copper finish. LF= lead free, NF= nickel free, CF= cadmium free. Please note that the gemstone items, and particularly the handmade Dzi beads, will naturally vary in exact color and pattern.

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