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Bundle includes:

  1. Approx. 7.5" 8mm Fossil Coral Round Beads (11-23-04)
  2. Approx. 14" Strand 14x6mm Crystal Faceted Teardrop Beads, Opaque Mint/Bronze Iris (CRYS-3115)
  3. Approx. 16" Strand 8x6mm Crystal Faceted Rondelle Beads, Vintage Pink w/Champagne Shimmer (CRYS-3227)
  4. 5pc 13x10mm Czech Pressed Glass Barrel Beads, Etched Crystal Gold Violet w/AB (CZ-6297)
  5. 4.7" Strand (About 24pcs) 7x5mm Czech Fire-Polished Faceted Rondelle Beads, Opaque Turquoise Mint (CZ-ST-548)
  6. 4.7" Strand (About 35pcs) 5x3mm Czech Fire-Polished Faceted Rondelle Beads, Aqua-Sea Green-White Multi Swirl (CZ-ST-606)
  7. 4.7" Strand (About 6pc) 20x8mm Czech Pressed Glass Bicone Beads, Medium Green (CZ-ST-661)
  8. 4pc 19x20mm Pink w/White Stripe & Rhinestone Enameled Fish Charms, Silver (FIND-1834)
  9. 10pc 14x12mm Round Wave Charms, Antique Silver (FIND-1979)
  10. Approx. 7" Strand 8mm Amazonite Faceted Round Beads (GEMS-4496)
  11. Approx. 14" Strand 8mm Faceted Fire Crackle Agate (Dyed/Heated) Round Beads, Rose (GEMS-4671)
  12. 15.5" Strand 4mm Crackle Agate (Dyed/Heated) Round Beads, Pink (GEMS-4673)
  13. Approx. 14" Strand 4x3mm Malaysia "Jade" (Dyed Quartz) Faceted Rondelle Beads, Winter Pastel Mix (GEMS-5067)
  14. 100pc 4mm Round Glass Bead Mix, Sea Green (GLS-1116)
  15. Approx. 21x17mm Lampwork Glass Bumpy Cylinder Focal Bead, Crystal/Green/Gray (LAMP-494)
  16. 2pc Approx. 14x12mm Lampwork Glass Teal & White Round Bead w/Swirl (LAMP-525)
  17. 5-Gram Bag (About 50+ Pcs) of 4mm Czech Pressed Glass Druk Round Beads, Alabaster/Peach Marble (MA-CZ-0406)
  18. 36x17mm Metal & Resin Jellyfish Chandelier Pendant, Pink/Silver (PNDT-2100)
  19. 4pc 17x12mm Czech Pressed Glass Fancy Oval Beads, Alabaster w/Pink Wash (PRCZ-30005)
  20. 2pc 19mm Czech Pressed Glass Textured Fossil Coin Beads, Matte Mint Green w/Sliperit Wash (PRCZ-30064)
  21. 6pc 12x11mm Czech Pressed Glass Baroque Square Nugget Bead, Peach Textured Pearl Finish (PRCZ-30090)
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