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Your Beads:  Deep burgundy quartz, known as Malaysia jade, stars in this month’s romantic palette! Accents include rose quartz, micro-faceted garnet, and colorful crystal. Enameled charms, cubic zirconia drops, and other floral findings complete this collection.

You’ll also find a FREE bonus strand of bright blue quartz beads! These were meant to be a pale teal accent color, but the dyeing process did not go quite as the lapidary expected, so we added 6x4mm faceted rondelles in deep red, and also included the blue beads as a free extra.

1. 32mm Malaysia Jade (Dyed Quartz) Teardrop Pendant ($6.99)
2. 8mm Malaysia Jade (Dyed Quartz) Dark Red Beads, 7.5” ($3.99)
3. 6x4mm Malaysia Jade (Dyed Quartz) Faceted Rondelles ($8.99)
4. 3-3.5mm Garnet Microfaceted Round Beads, 15” Strand ($7.99)
5. 10mm Malaysia Jade (Dyed Quartz) Faceted Rounds 7” ($3.99)
6. Rose Quartz Tumbled Nugget Beads, 16” Strand ($6.99)
7. 20” 4mm Crystal Faceted Rounds in Turquoise Green ($4.99)
8. 16” 6x4mm Crystal Faceted Rondelles in Lavender ($4.99)
9. 2pc 28x10mm Enameled Rose Charms, Pink ($2.99)
10. 2pc 13x4mm 18k Gold-Plated Brass CZ Drops ($5.99)
11. 25x20mm 18k Gold-Plated Brass Filigree Flower Chandelier ($4.99)
12. 2pc 31x18mm Enameled Branch Charms in Teal ($2.99)
13. 22x15mm 18k Gold-Plated Brass Floral Toggle Clasp ($2.99)
14. 10-Gram Bag of 6.5mm Scalloped Bead Caps (LF, CF) ($2.99)
15. 20pc 7x4mm Flower Spacer Beads (LF, NF, CF) ($2.99)
16. 2.5x2mm 18k Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Chain, 1 Meter* ($4.99)
17. 2pc 35x14mm 18k Gold-Plated Brass Filigree Chandeliers ($3.99)
18. FREE GIFT: 8mm Malaysia Jade (Dyed Quartz) Round Beads, Blue

LF= lead free, NF= nickel-free, CF = cadmium free.
(MSRP in parentheses.) *Stainless steel is hypoallergenic.

Approximate total retail value for this collection: $83.83

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Additional Info