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White sands, turquoise seas, and coral pinks inspired this seaside palette. Highlights include carved shell drops, agate cubes & 2-tone cylinders, natural mother-of-pearl rounds, and bumpy lampwork nautilus beads. Synthetic coral and electroplated lava stone give oceanic color and texture without damaging reefs, while crystal accent beads and a set of silver-finished findings in starfish & shell motifs complete the collection.

This package includes the following 21 items: 

  1.           30pc 7.5mm star bead cap (LF, NF, CF)*
  2.             2pc 22.5mm starfish charms*
  3.            51x53mm textured starfish pendant (LF, NF, CF)*
  4.            Approx. 16” strand 4x3mm crystal rondelle beads, alabaster AB
  5.            Approx. 10” strand 8mm crystal round beads, turquoise
  6.            Approx. 7” strand 14mm synthetic turquoise starfish beads
  7.            Approx. 7.5” strand 8mm polished seashell round beads
  8.            Approx. 1 meter 4x3mm textured steel oval chain (LF, NF)
  9.             Approx. 7” strand 6-8mm frosted weathered agate cubes**
  10.            Approx. 15” strand 5mm mother-of-pearl shell round beads
  11.             2pc 10x11mm hand-carved shell drops
  12.            6pc 11mm synthetic coral fluted melon beads, light turquoise
  13.            10-gram bag of 13x18mm shell & starfish links (LF, NF, CF)*
  14.           5pc 10x11mm synthetic coral scallop beads, varied pink
  15.            10-gram bag of 14mm starfish beads (LF, CF)*
  16.            Approx. 7.5” strand 8.5x8mm electroplated lava stone barrel beads
  17.            2 sets 21x16.5mm pebble-textured toggle clasps (LF, CF)*
  18.            2pc 26x29mm carved shell pendants
  19.            40pc strand 6x4mm freshwater shell beads, pale pink (dyed)
  20.            2pc 13-14x15mm handmade lampwork glass nautilus beads
  21.            2pc 34x9mm 2-tone agate oval beads, cream/transparent ivory**

**Agate beads are heat-treated and permanently dyed.

* Made of a silver-finished pewter alloy. LF= lead free, NF= nickel free, CF= cadmium free.

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