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October is the peak of fall, as greens change to orange and red. Carved green aventurine leaves represent the start of the season, with pressed glass, carnelian, and crystal to mark the various colors of orange, yellow, and red as the leaves change. A high-quality set of brass and pewter findings in rose gold completes this autumnal palette.

This Collection Includes:

1. 30x22mm Green Aventurine Carved Pendant Leaf ($6.99)
2. 2pc 28x15mm Green Aventurine Carved Leaf Pendants/Bails ($5.99)
3. 6mm Green Aventurine Round Beads, 15 Inches ($5.99)
4. 8mm Green Aventurine Faceted Round Beads, 7.5 Inches ($6.99)
5. 10mm Carnelian Matte Round Beads (D/H)*, 7.5 Inches ($4.99)
6. 7mm Hematite (Synthetic) Rose Gold Nugget Beads, 7.5” ($4.99)
7. 4pc Approx. 14x10mm Frosted Crackle Agate Barrels (D/H)* ($3.99)
8. 12x10.5mm Pressed Glass Leaf Beads, Green Iris, 11.5” ($4.99)
9. 20pc 10x8mm Pressed Glass Leaf Bead Mix, Jonquil/Magma ($3.99)
10. 8pc 10mm Crystal Faceted Barrel Beads, Green Iris ($2.99)
11. 4mm Crystal Faceted Bicone Beads, Magma AB, 13 Inches ($3.99)
12. 53mm Brass Leaf Cutout Pendant w/Real Rose Gold Plating ($3.99)
13. 5x4mm Brass Jewelry Chain, 1 Meter (LF, NF, CF) ($4.99)
14. 18x10mm Brass Leaf Charms, 10pc ($3.99)
15. 5mm Daisy Spacer Beads (LF, CF), 10 Grams** ($2.99)
16. 3 Sets 20x26mm Toggle Clasps (LF, CF)** ($2.99)

*D= dyed, H = heat-treated. **Made of a pewter & zinc alloy.
LF= lead free, NF= nickel-free, CF = cadmium free.
(MSRP in parentheses.)

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