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It’s a winter wonderland! An apatite teardrop pendant is this month’s centerpiece, with micro-faceted 3mm apatite rounds, a strand of 8mm blue agate, and dyed tiger iron to match. Icy accents of crystal, glass, and gemstone combine with a set of snowy silver findings to complete the collection.

1. Approx. 39mm Apatite Teardrop Pendant ($7.99)
2. 14.5” Strand 8mm London Blue Agate (D/H) Round Beads ($9.99)
3. 7.5” Strand 3mm Apatite Faceted Round Beads ($6.99)
4. 13” Strand 6mm Crackle Agate (D/H) Frosted Round Beads ($6.99)
5. 7” Strand 10mm Tiger Iron (D) Round Beads ($5.99)
6. 7.5” 6mm “Moonstone” Glass Round Beads, Frosted Aqua ($6.99)
7. 20pc 6x7mm Hematite (Man-Made) Snowflake Beads, Silver ($3.99)
8. 10pc 14x8.5mm Crystal Faceted Twist Beads, Slate Blue Iris ($3.99)
9. 13” Strand 4mm Crystal Faceted Bicone Beads, Crystal AB ($3.99)
10. 5.5” 13x9mm Glass Top-Drilled Teardrop Beads, Crystal AB ($2.99)
11. 2pc 22x20mm Teal Coated Fan Pendants (LF, NF, CF) ($1.99)
12. 2pc 14x12mm Platinum-Plated Brass Snowflake Charms (3.99)
13. 28x11mm Stainless Steel Laser-Cut Triple Snowflake Link ($3.99)
14. 2pc 12mm Stainless Steel Snowflake Cutout Links ($1.99)
15. 10 Grams of 5x2mm Rondelle Spacer Beads (LF, NF, CF) ($2.99)
16. 4 Sets 20x12mm Swirled Toggle Clasps (LF, CF) ($1.99)
17. 40pc 6mm 6-Petal Bead Caps (LF, NF, CF) ($2.99)
18. 1 Meter 3x2mm Stainless Steel Curb Chain ($3.99)

(LF) = lead-free, (NF) = nickel-free, and (CF) = cadmium free

All stainless steel products are surgical-grade and hypoallergenic.

(D) = dyed and (H) = heat-treated. (MSRP in parentheses)

Approximate total retail value for this collection: $83.82

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Additional Info